Hi! Happy to see you here. :3

This site is meant to be a space to connect all my web sites and pages together, and I'm still working out the logistics for that. Expect navigation and structure to keep changing!

Meanwhile, please consider following me on Neocities so you don't miss any updates!


Introductions are always a pain in the ass for me, so let's start with just the basics.

Hi! I'm quirkitty, but sometimes people also call me Arwym. I've been online since I was a tween in the early 00's, and making web pages for fun was one of my favorite pastimes in those early days. Unfortunately, I eventually went and chose to do this for a living, which killed my excitement for years. This site (or collection of sites, as this is a "nexus" site) is an attempt to revive this passion, to have a creative space where I can let go of the perfectionism that comes with my job.

Anyway, I talk and talk about all sorts of things, but for whatever reason, whenever I sit down to write about them, my mind goes entirely blank. With that said, please bear with me while I continue to fill this page! I'll probably grab some questionnaire to use as prompt, and add some visuals to spice things up.